100 jaar geleden winkelen

april 22, 2008

ik kwam laatst een interessant stukje op internet tegen wat ik wel bij de les vond passen

100 Years

Think about shopping 100 years ago. I know this seems like a long time ago, but I bet that shopping for things 100 years ago wasn’t too different than shopping today–or shopping 100 years from now. There was no Internet, no 800 numbers, and not even any telemarketers. Nobody talked about the technology then like they do today (like it is an end instead of merely just a means), they talked about people and products. What people needed is pretty much the same. Why they shopped, and to a large extent, how is also not much different. Oh, the technology has changed a lot, but the reasons and the experiences haven’t. This is our biggest problem.

Now think about life 100 years from now. None of the technologies hot today will be around anymore. Actually, that will happen in about five years–or less. But, people will still need to buy thngs. They will still wonder if their hair would look better shorter, if that shirt will shrink, if this sweater will accent their eyes, or what to cook for a special dinner. We all need to keep our eye’s on people’s needs adn, if we do, we’ll tap into something much more important than the Internet. 

When thnking about how to evolve your business with new media, think about what you are already doing that makes you successful and your products and services valuable. That is, the experiences you provide for your customers. So, here are some questions to ask yourselves about interactive shopping and about what you are already doing. Interactive technologies can help you do all of these, but not without a focus on the experience itself.


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